QUANTUM CP 系统测量波纹管

QUANTUM CP 系统测量波纹管

同 iNOEX步入一个新时代:波纹管生产全自动化

QUANTUM CP is the first automation system for largersized corrugated pipe extrusion lines. It is for the first time that one system can measure inline around 360 ° the wall thickness and diameter of the crown, valley, bell and spigot of a corrugated pipe. When this system is operative together with a gravimetric system, material savings of 5 % or more become possible.

QUANTUM CP features a reversing Terahertz sensor which is mounted on a movable slide. If for example the bell to be measured has reached the Terahertz sensor, QUANTUM CP shortly speeds up and synchonizes with the line speed of the corrugated pipe via two clamps. Then, the sensor reverses around the bell by a full 360 °. With the help of the opposing laser sensor and the Terahertz sensor the exterior diameter is equally measured. Subsequently, the clamps are released and QUANTUM CP moves back to its start position. The next measuring cycle is started subsequently to measure a crown, valley, bell or spigot.


  • 识别各层壁厚以减少原料消耗
  • 优化并稳定壁厚
  • 直接测量
  • 不需要介质
  • 测量范围大
  • 可以适应很高的发泡程度
  • 维护简单
  • 无易损件
  • 经久证明
  • 配置简单
  • 21“新的用户界面和inoTREND过程可视化的Multi-Touch屏幕系统操作简单
  • Interfaces:以太网,USB,RS232/485,PROFIBUS DP,CANopen总线,PROFINET
  • 软件通过以太网更新
  • SQL - 数据传输